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The Citizens’ Forum on Climate Change, was created to capture the voice of the Manx community in relation to climate change action on the Isle of Man. It ran between 2020 and 2021 and has now closed.

The Forum was representative of the Manx public and members have the opportunity to learn and discuss issues relating to climate change.

The Forum consisted of 36 members, composed of three separate groups, which include:

  • Industry leaders (a mix of individuals whom were privately invited and publicly advertised to join)
  • Members of the public (whom were advertised to join)
  • Randomly selected members of the public.

The Forum was reflective of the Island’s varied population and includes both those with views for, and against, climate change action, as well as those that are yet to form an opinion.

The Citizens’ Forum on Climate Change provided:

  • Insight and feedback following forum sessions on climate action work from a community perspective. This feedback plays a significant part in the Climate Change Transformation Programme and the decision making process of the Climate Change Transformation Board
  • Views and information on specific climate topics, as requested
  • A representative to attend the Climate Change Transformation Board, as required
  • The basis for focus groups to inform climate change research and policy, depending on the issue and the input required
  • Engagement, input and participation from the wider community via the networks and influence of its members.


The Citizens' Forum

captures the voice of the Manx community