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24% of the Island's emissions in 2019 were caused by transport, making it our second-largest category after electricity generation. A well-known approach to reducing these emissions is prioritising active travel such as walking and cycling, closely followed by public transport.

Replacing car journeys with public transport can help reduce CO2, so try to leave the car at home for your everyday trips and take a bus instead.

Current initiatives

The Isle of Man has a good public transport system that serves the main towns and villages. Facilities for active travel – like cycling routes and bicycle storage – are improving all the time. However, it is acknowledged that private fossil fuel vehicles are important to many people and of particular importance to those in rural areas. 

Encouraging people to begin to move away from fossil fuel vehicles and support viable alternatives (as well as putting the necessary bans into place) needs to start as soon as possible. A holistic Transport Strategy is underway to look at the best approach for the Island to reduce the emissions associated with travel, and this will inform the additional targets that will be set in the Climate Change Plan.

Tips for you

Planning your journey

Planning to have a car-free day?

Take a look at the 2021/ 2022 Bus and Rail Timetables and find all the latest bus timetables to go around the Isle of Man.

Did you know?

22% of IOM’s emission is caused by transport