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The Citizen’s Forum is made up of 36 individuals who represent the interest groups and wider public of the Isle of Man. The Terms of Reference are being updated and will be made available shortly. 

The members were selected using a civic lottery-style approach; 

  • 12 people were selected at random using census data
  • 12 people represent interest groups including:
    • Business (Chamber of Commerce Climate Change group)
    • Land Users/Agriculture (Manx National Farmers Union)
    • Construction/Trade (Construction Isle of Man)
    • Young Business Leaders (Chamber of Commerce Think Tank group)
    • Climate Change Action Group (Isle of Man Climate Change Coalition)
    • Architects (Isle of Man Society of Architects)
    • Transport
    • Wildlife/biodiversity
    • Small Businesses
    • Energy Users
    • Vulnerable
    • Students

The stakeholders in bold were invited to apply as there was more than one stakeholder in that group, then a random number generator selected the representative for the forum. 

  • 12 people were invited to apply and we received over 250 responses. Applicants were assessed anonymously to give a fair representation of age, gender, ethnicity and views on climate change. The following criteria was used for age: