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In the Isle of Man, 24% of the greenhouse gas emissions come from transport. However, by choosing a more active form of travel, we have an opportunity to significantly reduce our emissions. 

Active travel is defined as walking or cycling (including the use of electric bicycles) as an alternative to using motorised transport such as cars, buses, and motorcycles to make everyday journeys.

Walking and cycling are the ultimate zero-emission forms of transport. Increasing the number of journeys made this way will see a reduction in congestion on the busier commuter routes during certain times of the day and improve air quality.

Current initiatives

Facilities for active travel, such as designated cycling routes and bicycle storage, are improving all the time.

In May 2018, the Active Travel Strategy 2018 – 2021 was launched. This set out the strategy for encouraging people to choose to make regular everyday journeys by more active means.

The long-term vision for the Isle of Man is to be an Island where cycling and walking are everyday and realistic transport choices for people of all ages and abilities. One of the main ways to achieve this vision will be to increase the number of people travelling actively.  

To learn more about the Active Travel Strategy visit the Isle of Man Government’s dedicated page

Tips for you

Benefits of walking or cycling

When you choose to walk or cycle, you are helping to cut carbon emissions and reduce congestion and pollution. It makes our environment a nicer place to be, and it’s a great way to easily play your part in making our Island net zero.

Actively travelling – particularly walking – increases social interaction between commuters, colleagues travelling to meetings, parents on the school run, and it could be a much less stressful way to travel to and from work. Active travel also brings about a multitude of benefits for your health and wellbeing: 

  • It helps to keep you fit and strengthen your body.
  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It helps to keep your heart healthy by reducing cardiovascular risk.

And you can enjoy our beautiful Island landscape!  

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to Work Schemes in the Isle of Man have been created to encourage more people to choose bicycles as a mode of transport.

  1. Visit a local bicycle retailer and request a written quotation about any equipment you would like to buy under the Cycle to Work Scheme. It is important to check that the retailer is an Island-based and VAT registered retailer.
  2. Put in a purchase request with your employer who will advise the Income Tax Division that they wish to join the Cycle to Work Scheme, and you will repay the bike monthly.
  3. Your employer will provide you with a purchase order form to hand to the local bicycle retailer.
  4. Present the purchase order form to the retailer together with photographic ID and collect your bike!

As each scheme is slightly different, check with your employer to make sure there is a Cycle to Work Scheme available in your organisation.

If you would like to learn more about the Cycle to Work Scheme that your employer can take advantage of click here.

Or, if you work for the civil service and would like to learn more about the Isle of Man Government's Cycle to Work Scheme click here.

Did you know?

24% of IOM greenhouse gas emissions are from transport