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As Energy Doctors, Ryan works closely with the Energy Efficiency team at the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) on the Isle of Man. Their shared mission is to enhance the energy efficiency of homes by conducting thorough inspections, offering practical recommendations, and implementing measures to optimise energy consumption.

Founder of RMD Electrical and with over two decades of experience as an electrician on the Isle of Man, Ryan possesses extensive expertise in low-energy lighting design and installation, plumbing and heating controls and is training to become a domestic energy assessor with Elmhurst Energy. Ryan has extensive knowledge about Building Regulations on the Isle of Man and is able to implement some immediate energy saving measures during each site visit.

Together, with Julia they form a friendly and knowledgeable team, poised to make a meaningful impact on homes and individuals across the Isle of Man. Their credentials and dedication position them perfectly to assist households in maximising energy efficiency and achieving substantial savings on annual energy bills.