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Food waste is a pressing issue affecting our wallets and the planet. A staggering 41% of food in our home is wasted. 

Most of the food we enjoy has had a long journey. It’s been grown or produced, transported, and finally made its way to your supermarket. Let’s learn to honour this, ensuring food ends its story on our plate and doesn’t go to waste.

Changing our habits and being mindful of how we store and consume food can extend the life of your groceries and ensure you enjoy every bite.

1. Shop with Purpose: Purchase what you need when you need it. Plan meals and create a shopping list to steer clear of excess buying. 

2. A Herb Bouquet: Treat herbs like flowers. Trim stems, and place in water for prolonged freshness.

3. Smart Storage: Seal leftovers in airtight containers, and label them with dates. Transfer opened canned goods to prevent rust and flavour changes. Do the same for dry goods such as flour, sugar, pasta and beans. Store them in airtight containers so they stay fresher for longer.

4. Master Portions: Dish out only what you'll enjoy. Smaller portions mean less waste and more room to explore diverse cuisines. 

5. Freeze Wisely: Preserve any leftover foods before they reach use-by-dates. Freeze bread, meats, vegetables, fruits and even hard cheeses for future meals. You can prep items before freezing them too.

6. Berry Bliss: Rinse berries in water and a splash of vinegar to kill mould spores and bacteria that spoil fruit. Freshness is guaranteed!

7. Crisp Veggies: Chop and store crunchy vegetables in water. This will rehydrate veggies for prolonged crispness.

8. Love your Leftovers: Unleash your creativity with leftovers. Transform yesterday's roast into today's sandwich or veggies into a stir-fry masterpiece. 

9. Cool Milk: Keep milk away from the fridge doors, storing on the cooler lower shelves for ultimate freshness.

10. Potato Wisdom: Buy them loose and store in a dark, dry place. Ventilation is key – use net bags, cardboard boxes or baskets.

Bonus tip! Chop herbs such as garlic or coriander and freeze in oil in an ice cube tray! Once frozen, pop them out and store in a reusable zip lock bag or Tupperware container. Throw these cubes into a pan as a start for delicious meals.

Enjoy meals that stay delicious, nutritious, and budget-friendly with these savvy food-saving hacks!


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