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The Climate Transformation Team have launched a survey to find out what energy efficiency tips have been the most useful to residents, and to look for those willing to share their stories.

The ‘Small Changes Make A Big Difference’ campaign launched in October 2022, with the aim of helping residents through the cost of living crisis by providing support and guidance on how to reduce their energy consumption at home.

The new online survey hopes to gather views from residents on the campaign’s effectiveness in helping them consider or make simple energy saving changes.

There is also a call for volunteers to feature in a case study explaining the energy efficiency measures they’ve taken at home and the potential cost benefits they have seen, to help and inspire others to make changes.

The survey also asks if the campaign had made residents think about climate change and how making other changes could help the Island reach zero emissions by 2050.

Created under the Isle of Man’s net zero initiative in partnership with some of the Island’s leading charities, the campaign website has been visited by over 20,500 residents looking for support and guidance on how to reduce their energy consumption at home.

Closing on Monday 17 April, the survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is available on the consultation hub or on the small changes campaign website.

If you’re interested in featuring in a case study as part of the Small Changes Make A Big Difference campaign please email details of the energy efficiency measures you’ve taken around your home to

For more advice or guidance, including financial support options, visit the cost of living webpage.