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Heat pumps are widely regarded as a key technology for the decarbonisation of heating across all countries.

In the Isle of Man, heat pumps is the most common type of alternative energy technology in island homes (2.1%). (Source: IOM Census 2021)

This finding is in line with the Climate Change Insights Survey 2021, which estimated that between 3% and 5% of people have air source heat pumps at home. In addition, this survey shows that 29% may consider installing air source heat pumps within next five years, for environmental (40%), or cost saving (18%) reasons.

How heat pumps work

Before installing a heat pump, it is useful to understand how they work. Powered by electricity, heat pumps utilise a highly efficient process to harness thermal energy from their surroundings, and provide heat into a building.

These videos will further explain how heat pumps work, their benefits as well as some key considerations before installing heat pumps:

Types of heat pumps

There are typically two types of heat pumps:

Current initiatives that can help you

According to IOM Census 2021, heat pumps are the

most common alternative energy technology in island homes today

Manx Utilities have been operating a Heat Pump Trial across the Island, providing loan support with payback over a 10 year period. Trial results can be found on the Manx Utilities website here.

A scheme to support up to 1,200 home-owners to retrofit their homes:

  • making them more energy efficient
  • increase their overall energy ratings
  • installing low carbon heating systems.

This is predicted to save around 3,000t CO2/year. For more information, please visit the Department for Enterprise website.