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We understand that these changes may be daunting and that it is not fully clear how our lives will look as we progress towards net zero emissions. However, we can increasingly see other regions where these changes have happened without significant disturbance. The Isle of Man Government is committed and now has a statutory duty to deliver emissions reductions in a way that supports the Island community, livelihoods and wellbeing. 

Our Climate Change Act includes important principles that will govern all action taken by the government to combat climate change. The just transition and climate justice principles have been designed to ensure that action should always be undertaken in a way that: 

  • Maximises the benefit of change  
  • Protects livelihoods 
  • Promotes economic opportunity 
  • Helps to address inequality and poverty 
  • Contributes to global emissions reductions (we won’t export our emissions) 
  • Supports those who have done the least to cause climate change but are most affected by it and the least equipped to adapt 
  • Protects biodiversity and ecosystems 

The extent and types of support measures needed are likely to depend on the level at which we set our interim target. Potential support measures for consideration include financial interventions, such as specific and targeted grants or loan schemes, changes to existing schemes or services, provision of training and reskilling opportunities, access to information and guidance and even changes to legislation to require some changes towards the end of the period. Spreading the transition cost according to the ability to pay is a fundamental principle within climate justice and just transition.

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