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  • Cuts your electricity use immediately  
  • Some clothes will last better if you don’t tumble dry them  

More details 

Tumble dryers use a fair amount of electricity to heat the air they use, as well as to run the fan and motor. If you can dry clothes outside when the weather is dry, you can use the dryer less often and cut your electricity use over the year. If your washing machine has a fast spin setting, then you can use this to get as much water out of the clothes as possible before you dry them. If you then need to use the dryer, you can run it for a shorter time and still save a bit of energy.  

Other things you might want to try 

When the time comes to buy a new dryer, look at the energy label. The higher the rating, the less energy it will use to dry the same load of washing. The best rating you can now get is A+++. You can also save energy when you wash your clothes, by waiting until the machine is full before running it, and by washing at a lower temperature when possible. Washing at 30˚C is often enough to get things clean.