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retrofit your home

Making adjustments to your home can improve the performance of the fabric of the property. Retrofitting your home this way, often described as the ‘fabric first’ approach, is a great way to prioritise home improvements that can immediately make your home more comfortable and easier to keep warm, thus reducing your household bills. It also reduces the need for maintenance.

In the long run, these improvements will prepare your home for future low carbon heating technologies, which can benefit you further.

All this can also reduce our overall carbon emissions. A recent survey of house conditions in the Isle of Man has revealed that we have done little to improve the energy efficiency of older homes.

80% of the buildings that will be in place in 2050 are already built, so adapting our current buildings will be an essential part of cutting the emissions from our homes. To find out more, read the Renewable Heating Scenario Report here.

Plan your home improvements

Here are some ways you can improve the energy performance of your home

Fabric first approach can immediately make your home

easier to keep warm

Current initiatives

A scheme to support up to 1,200 home-owners to retrofit their homes:

  • making them more energy efficient
  • increase their overall energy ratings
  • installing low carbon heating systems.

This is predicted to save around 3,000t CO2/year. For more information, please visit the Department for Enterprise website.

Designed to help eligible residents with their energy bills. They can get up to  £1,000 towards improvements that will make their home more energy efficient, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Other ways to save energy and lower emissions