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  • Saves energy and money straight away
  • No need to buy or fit anything
  • Saves water too

More details

A five minute shower can use about a third of the water of a bath. The less water you use, the less energy you need to heat the hot water, and the lower your energy bills will be. If you have longer showers, then you will use more hot water so your savings will be less. If you want to minimise your energy use, try to keep your showers as short as possible. 

Other things you might be interested in 

See below for other actions you can take to make your showers more efficient.

If you have a mixer shower, where the hot water comes from your boiler or hot water cylinder and is mixed with cold at the shower, then you could consider one of these: 

  • Fitting a water efficient shower head – these can give the same feel as a standard shower head, while using less water, and less energy too.
  • Heat recovery system – this is more expensive, and will be easier to fit when you are refurbishing your shower anyway. It recovers heat from the hot water that runs down the drain, and uses it to pre-heat water for the shower, cutting your water heating bills.

If you have an electric shower, with a cold water supply only and an electric switch you can use to turn the shower off, then you can’t fit an efficient shower head or heat recovery system. 

  • Savings can be even more if you have a water meter or take shorter showers.
  • Fitting a water efficient shower head will reduce your water usage further.