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As part of our ‘’Small Changes Make a Big Difference’’ campaign we sat down with Vicki in her four-bedroomed semi-detached home in Ramsey to find out about the variety of energy efficiency measures she has taken around her family home to become more environmentally friendly and save money on her household bills.

From introducing small energy saving measures to thinking about how her home can be made more efficient in the future, we asked Vicki about the changes she has made . . .

 ‘’As a Business Analysis I’m always keen to monitor our energy use at home and see where we can save money.

 ‘’We started by topping up our loft insulation ourselves, we also replaced blown windows and changed the hinges to stop the drafts.’’

‘’One simple step that we took was to switch to heavier curtains – even the cats got used to that!’’

During renovation was the opportune time to improve insulation which Vicki did when lifting and replacing old floors in their home . . .

‘’We insulated the kitchen floor and with the changes all around the home we could feel the difference immediately.’’

Vicki had already committed to washing only when the washer had a full load and at 30 degrees . . .

‘’With two boys at home the laundry never ends so switching to a heat pump tumble dryer really helped us to save money on our bills.’’

When we asked: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to others looking to introduce energy efficiency measures around their home? Vicki replied . . .

‘’If you can make one change every month even if it’s only small, before you know it you’ll have made a difference to your bills and the environment.’’   

So, what’s next?

Vicki is now looking to install thermostatic radiator valves and other small adjustments such as reducing the heating flow temperature on her combi boiler in order to make further savings.

For hints and tips on how to become more energy efficient at home and save money on your household bills visit:


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