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The interim target public consultation is about our interim target for emission reductions by 2030 and will indicate the combination of actions needed to progress towards net zero.

To make sure we hit our net zero by 2050 target and comply with the Climate Change Act, we must, by 1st April 2022, set an interim target showing our intended rate of reduction of the Island's emissions.

This interim target will show how ambitious and committed our Island is to transition to a low carbon society with financial, social, environmental, and reputational implications. But, how ambitious should we be with our interim target?

The consultation we ran over the summer showed strong support for a more ambitious interim target and for achieving net zero before the current statutory target of 2050. There was a high level of support for setting the interim target at 45% or higher and accelerating our climate action's pace. There was relatively little support for lower targets, although it should be noted that some respondents were opposed to setting an interim target at this point.

Based on feedback from the public, we, therefore, recommend an interim target of 45% reduction by 2030 (from 2018 levels), which aligns with the High Ambition route in Professor Curran's IMPACT report and the timescales of the Paris Agreement.

The UK has announced a 68% reduction from their 1990 emission levels by 2030. However, no realistic route has been identified to allow the Island to match that ambition at this stage.

A 45% target represents the highest realistic ambition for the Island based on our current circumstances and would be challenging. It represents a clear and ambitious milestone on our pathway to net zero by 2050.

Research, principally the Future Energy Scenarios (link) and the Renewable Heating Scenarios (link), have been developed, identifying actions potentially providing up to 45% total emissions reductions by 2030 across four high emission sectors: energy, heating, transport and land use/food production. Achieving a 45% reduction in our emissions will require changes across all sectors.

This consultation is about whether we are willing to commit to extra changes, which will allow us to achieve a 45% reduction or if the Manx community prefers a different target.

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