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The Isle of Man has taken a step closer to preserving our planet for future generations

The recently published Isle of Man Climate Change Plan 2022-2027 lays out key actions to reducing the Island’s greenhouse gas emissions over the next 5 years. This ensures that we stay on track to reach net zero by 2050.

It’s a legal obligation under the Climate Change Act 2021 for the Island to have a Climate Change Plan in place. It replaces the Phase One Climate Action Plan which ran from January 2020 to April 2022. The Climate Change Plan will be debated in Tynwald in October.

Some of the major actions in the Climate Change Plan include:

  • The provision of carbon neutral electricity supply by 2030
  • Bringing forward building regulations to ensure 97% energy efficiency in new buildings
  • Seeking to bring forward a ban on fossil fuel heating systems in new builds to 2024
  • The installation of 20MW of local renewables by 2026
  • Future introduction of further support for homeowners and tenants to aid the transition
  • The setting of a new interim emissions reduction target of 35% by 2030.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan MHK said:

‘We must do everything in our power to limit the effects of climate change and future-proof our economy, so our Island can thrive in a changing world. This plan will ensure we stay on track to reach our ultimate goal in 2050.’


The Climate Change Plan assigns target emission reductions/removals across seven areas

Targets are assigned to these seven areas:

  • Electricity generation – 100% emissions reduction, by 2030
  • Heating our buildings – 15% emissions reduction, by 2027
  • Transportation – 15% emissions reduction, by 2027
  • Land and agriculture – 15% emissions reduction, by 2027
  • Business – 15% emissions reduction, by 2027
  • Waste management – 15% emissions reduction, by 2027
  • Natural carbon capture – 10% emissions removal, by 2027

If these targets are achieved, the need for increased effort in the future will be minimised.

Daphne Caine MHK, Chair of the Climate Change Board, said:

‘Publishing the plan, road map and new interim target takes a real step forward on our climate action journey and my sincere thanks go to all who contributed to making that happen. I know how many long hours were put in.’ 

The benefits of change and how the most vulnerable will be protected during this transition, are outlined in the Plan

Benefits from the transition such as new job opportunities, better public health and flourishing biodiversity are highlighted in each key area of emissions reduction/removal.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan MHK said:

‘Achieving an orderly transition, which maximises the benefits of change and protects the vulnerable will require incredible tenacity, innovation and community spirit from the entire Island and I strongly believe we can do it by working together.’

Find out more about how the Island plan’s to get to net zero. Read the Climate Change Plan here.


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