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Choosing local quality home grown produce keeps money in the economy, provides big environmental benefits and can be great for our health.

Our farmers provide seasonal, sustainable plant-based produce year round, so if you took part in Veganuary and want to continue your plant-based diet, here’s five reasons why home grown is the best. 

1. Local produce is fresher

Fruit and veg grown here in the Isle of Man is fresher and often grown without chemicals, this is in contrast to imported fruit and veg which is often highly processed and grown using pesticides. 

Home grown produce is available on our doorsteps meaning that the produce hasn’t sat for weeks in storage, been irradiated, waxed, or gassed in transit. These practices may impact human health. So to avoid consuming chemicals, make sure the plant-based food you’re buying is from a local low-carbon source.

Your guide to seasonal Manx produce:   

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2. Reduced emissions

In 2020, Britain was the third-largest importer of vegetables and the sixth-largest importer of fruit. Importing produce requires large amounts of natural resources (especially fossil fuels), contributes to greater CO2 emissions, and creates additional waste following the disposal of additional packaging. Produce grown locally is transported shorter distances and is generally grown using methods that minimise the impact on the earth.    

3. Enjoy the tastes of the season

Buying local fruit and vegetables is a great way to keep a varied healthy diet and enables us to experience the seasons. As we look forward to strawberries and runner beans in the summer, or sprouts, leeks and parsnips in the winter, buying our fruit and veg locally allows us to reconnect with the earth and roll with the true seasons.  


Image by the Isle of Man Farmers Market

4. We know where our food comes from

Purchasing local fruit and veg means you know where your food comes from, how it has been produced and by who. This strengthens our relationship with food as we make the connection from farm to fork, giving us a better appreciation of what goes into growing the foods we eat and the vital role our farmers play in the sustainable future of our Island.

5. Buying local helps our economy

Buying locally grown food allows us to choose who we support, this helps local businesses, producers and farmers prosper. Local food producers can supply their produce to other local businesses such as restaurants, cafés, grocers and schools. Today, many people choose to eat at particular places because they use local food. In turn, local businesses become more successful and further grow the local farming economy.


Image by the Isle of Man Farmers Market

Luckily for us there’s plenty of Island people catering for our plant based needs! Find out more: