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Little ripples of change can create waves collectively and as an Island we can make a difference and inspire others around the world. Here are some reasons why our beautiful Isle is doing its bit to combat climate change.  

1. We owe it our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  

The facts are evidenced by thousands of scientists and scientific research papers (88,125 to be exact) around the world that we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels and sustain life on our planet. For the sake of future generations, we owe it to them to look after our planet and do our best so they can thrive and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful Earth. 

2. Residents want action! 

76% of Island residents think climate change is an important issue and 62% want the Isle of Man Government to be doing more to reach net zero. That’s an impressive amount of public support!  

3. A low-carbon isle is a fairer isle. 

Low-carbon policies often encourage a fairer and more equal way of life. Insulating homes can reduce emissions, and enhance peoples' abilities to manage their costs, alleviating fuel poverty. Addressing climate change at a local level can enhance community resilience to its effects. 

4. You are never too small to make a difference! 

Collective efforts of any kind can have a significant impact on mitigating climate change. As a proud nation we can also demonstrate to the world what a small Island can achieve, we are already working on ground-breaking projects like Blue Carbon! Every action, regardless of scale, must contribute to the overall global effort. If every country said they were too small to make a difference, then there would be no movement to reduce emissions. 

5. Let's look at it from a different scale.

Around 65 million km² of land on Earth is used (eg. for agriculture) or inhabited by humans. The rest is uninhabited (eg. oceans, mountains, etc.). The Isle of Man is 572 km², which is is only 0.00088% of the land used by humans globally.

Global emissions were 57,400,000,000 GtCO2e in 2022. If those emissions were divided equally across the world, with every parcel of land the size of the Isle of Man contributing the same, our emissions would be 505,120 tCO2e.  But Isle of Man’s emissions were 652,970 (in 2021), which is 0.0011% of the total - more than its ‘fair share’ per km2. This shows we contributing more than our fair share based on our size!

6. The rest of the world's emissions are our emissions. 

Chances are, when you shop online, you are buying from a company that produces that item in another country. Our buying power drives emissions across the world. Next time you shop, look to see where the item was produced, the factory and travel emissions might be bigger than you expect.

In fact, it is estimated that up to 70% of a carbon footprint is consumption based also known Scope 3 emissions - associated with the goods and services we obtain from elsewhere. That’s taking the Island to 0.0038% of global emissions, almost 4 times our fair share.

7. It helps conserve our biosphere. 

Small islands like ours boast unique ecosystems and biodiversity. Taking steps to reduce carbon emissions - means protecting and restoring natural habitats and our living home, not only helping combat climate change but means cleaner air and preserving local flora and fauna for us and future generations to enjoy. 

8. Climate change is affecting the Isle of Man and will continue to get worse.

Our Island is getting wetter and warmer. It's undeniable. The trees are blossoming earlier, frosty days are now a rarity - you can feel the change of temperature and sometimes it feels like it never stops raining! Climate change poses significant risks, including extreme weather events, sea-level rise, and food insecurity resulting in severe disruption to our lives and rising costs to repair the damage. 

9. It can make our economy stronger. 

Investing in climate-friendly initiatives can stimulate our local economy. Transitioning to renewable energy creates jobs, reduces energy costs for everyone, and attracts eco-conscious tourists, as well as benefiting small businesses and communities. In fact, in the UK the green economy grew 9% last year whilst the rest of the economy only grew by 0.1% overall (Guardian, 2024.) 

10. It's just the right thing to do. 

That’s it. We don’t have any excuses. Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution. We need to work together and make a positive change to protect us and the rest of nature, and Earth - our only living home.

Not only is it the right thing, it also comes with a feel good factor. From a lift share to saving money from buying less 'stuff', climate action has a huge number of benefits for you, your purse and the planet.


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