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Dr James Strong

James is a marine ecologist and the current leader of the Seafloor Ecosystems sub-group at the National Oceanography Centre.

His primary interests are the mapping and modelling of marine species and habitats. James current works on several habitat mapping related programmes such as the NERC-funded CLASS (Climate Linked Atlantic Sector Science) and ACCORD (Addressing Challenges of Coastal Communities through Ocean Research for Developing Economies) projects as well as H2020 projects such as iAtlantic.

James also has mapping interests in shallow water and tropical settings as he is the mapping lead on CMEP (Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme) and the PI for the BVI Coastal mapping project.

Previously, he has been involved with important habitat mapping projects such as MESH and INIS Hydro, and enjoyed a fellowship at the University of Tokyo looking at the use of multibeam sonars for volume estimations of seagrass.

He has over nine habitat mapping related papers as first author and produced over twenty technical reports on the topic.