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Small changes make a big difference

Rising living costs are a growing concern for many households across the Island. This is primarily due to the increased costs of fossil fuels over the past few months, notably gas, stretching finances to their limit.

With a large part of our household budget spent on energy bills, we’re all feeling the pinch. However, we can save money and energy by introducing a few small changes into our everyday lives, from switching our appliances off standby, turning down the thermostat by 1°C or drying our clothes using an airer instead of a tumble dryer  -  we're here to help you reduce your bills and save energy, whilst keeping warm this winter.

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Save Energy . Save Money .

Find small, everyday things you can do differently to benefit your bank account and reduce your energy consumption.

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Funding & Support

Government loans, grants and incentives to help you take action against the rising cost of living.

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Go Green

At home and on the road, we’re here to help you go greener.

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Understand your energy costs with the help of Manx Utilities.

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Case Study

We hear from fellow resident Vicki as she discusses the energy saving measures she introduced in her family home in Ramsey to thinking about how her home can be made more efficient in the future.

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